Coco Company raises controversy on social media with out-of-the-ordinary matters and exposes itself to legal questioning from the state

 Coco日韓精品服飾 is raising controversy in the continent of Asia about discounts and selling at a quarter of the price, which has created a lot of criticism and questions about this brand. Is it winning or losing, or is there a big financier for it

This company specializes in many important things in our daily lives, and what is controversial a lot of the time on their Facebook page is that they distribute discount coupons for a quarter of the price, and this is what created controversy and a great trend on social media.

Direct discount on their Facebook page with discount coupons in large amounts for the public

The disadvantage of business is a lot, and marketing intelligence is required for the success of any business. They were taken to another level, and from the analysis of the Chinese company Coco日韓精品服飾 marketing experts said that the people of this business have a strong marketing talent to the point of sparking controversy on a continent that I have completed.

Marketing is an administrative process that aims to introduce customers to services and goods, and depends on achieving four elements: It is defining products, setting prices for them, choosing the appropriate method to reach customers, and formulating a strategy that contributes to promoting them. Marketing is also known as a set of procedures that work to enhance the sale of products in the markets. Another definition of marketing is that it is advertising that contributes to clarifying the nature of the goods, and then transferring them from the producer to the buyer after selling them.

There are methods that help in marketing success, and the following is a group of the best ones:
  Advertising: One of the oldest means of marketing, and it is considered one of the most important marketing methods. A large financial budget is allocated to it to promote goods and services, and advertising is used in marketing by relying on two methods: designing internal advertisements: that is, a department specialized in advertising designs advertisements for the company’s services and products. Using advertising companies: This is considered the most applied method. We deal with companies 

Specialized in advertising in order to support the advertising process in media outlets, such as newspapers, television, and others. Public Relations: A group of methods used to deal with the public, and is considered an important strategy for all types of companies, large and small. Public relations relies on many diverse methods to reach customers, including media messages that contain data about the company and its products, 

Its trademark, and other information that contributes to customers obtaining the advertised products. Sales: One of the best methods used in marketing. Sales methods and strategies differ between companies in commercial markets, but when sales are distinguished by their quality and efficiency among customers, this contributes to their transformation into a marketing method, which leads to their adoption as a means of interactive promotion for companies. Digital means: 

It is one of the modern methods of marketing, and it relies mainly on the Internet and interactive digital methods, the most important of which are e-mail, digital advertisements, and promotional campaigns. Marketing methods using the Internet are characterized by their acceptable prices among small companies, and they help provide many modern media tools, such as social sites.

Factors affecting marketing Marketing is one of the activities that seeks to pay attention to people’s needs in order to work to provide them for them, and there are a group of factors influencing it, the most important of which are: Needs: These are the things about which a person feels lacking and uncomfortable due to not obtaining them, and they may be needs. Primary or social, so he seeks 

The individual tries to provide them, which leads to their transformation into desires. Desires: They are the form into which human needs are transformed, and they depend on a group of individual, social and cultural influences, and a person seeks to search for means that will help him achieve the fulfillment of his desires. Requests: are a person’s request to obtain a need and desire, and here comes a role 

Marketing provides the means to achieve these needs; According to the person’s financial capabilities that help him transform his desires into requests. Products: are all services or goods that are marketed and help satisfy the desires and needs of individuals. Product owners must provide all goods that contribute to providing all people’s needs. Exchange: is achieving the goal of the marketing process in linking product owners with individuals, so the individual gets the product he wants in exchange for providing something of value, often a sum of money.

Low marketing cost
Perhaps what makes social media marketing an attractive option for businesses is its low cost versus return, when compared to the cost of traditional television or newspaper marketing. The platforms offer various paid advertising options in terms of cost, starting with medium amounts to large budgets.

Also, precise targeting of the audience and making the ads reach only people who are interested in the product or service leads to saving the money that traditional advertising would have consumed by displaying it to a wide audience, most of whom may not be interested in the product.

Like any other form of marketing, social media marketing has its share of drawbacks, including:

Difficulty standing out among the abundance of content: Social media platforms are filled with a huge amount of content, which may make it difficult to highlight your marketing messages and attract the attention of your target audience.
Difficulties controlling content: Changes in algorithms or media platform policies may impact the visibility and reach of your marketing content, making it difficult to control your marketing efforts.
Time consumption and effort intensity: Creating, organizing, and following up on good content, and interacting with users by responding to comments, may consume a lot of time and effort, which many may not be able to fulfill, especially for small companies with limited marketing budgets.
Difficulty measuring ROI: It can be difficult to determine the impact of social media marketing on sales or revenue, which can make it difficult to determine the time and resources invested in social media marketing.

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