Alyousef Cars Company: Your first source for selling cars in the UAE

  By Mohamed Ragab, CNN Week

Updated 11:51 AM April 27, 2024

Alyousef Cars Company enters the UAE with 10 branches nationwide specializing in the sale of new and used cars, including the latest international models such as BMW, Ferrari, Morghini and Mercedes.

A car is a motor vehicle consisting of a set of mechanical parts. All these parts work in a coordinated way to move this vehicle, and the car is considered one of the most widespread means of transportation in our current era.

Cars are divided into several types, including small private cars, most of which are owned by ordinary people and used to go to work or transport the family from one place to another and to take trips. Including large buses used to transport passengers, which are a means of public transportation spread throughout the country. Among them are large trucks, which are used to transport goods, and thus they are considered the basic element in industrialized countries in moving the economy forward along with railways.

The car runs on the engine. The first spread of cars was in the early nineteenth century, but the real invention of the car dates back to the late eighteenth century AD, when Joseph Nicholas Cuneo made the first model of a motor-powered car in 1769 AD.

Cars are vehicles that move on wheels and have their own engine, used to transport passengers or goods. Some of them are used in mines to transport raw metals. It is customary that cars that run on rails are not included. Most definitions of this term specify that cars are designed to move on asphalt roads, have seating capacity for one to seven people, and usually run on four wheels. Then the perception of it changed and the car, in current custom, was built to transport passengers, not goods.

In 2002, there were 590 million passenger cars in the world, or approximately one car for every eleven people, of which 140 million were in the United States, or approximately one car for every two people. This percentage also applies to Western European countries.

The European Union recently decided to reduce car consumption of gasoline and diesel until 2020, so that it does not exceed 95 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer, which means 4 liters of fuel consumed per 100 kilometers. Car production companies in Europe are working to develop engines and reach that limit by also using hybrid cars, given the difficulty of reaching that limit by reducing engine consumption alone. European policy has decided to take this approach to reduce carbon dioxide emissions for cars. It is believed that the United States of America and China will follow this path in the future. European car companies will be pioneers in this regard.

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