The We will die warriors sports film series is back 2024

 By Mohamed Ragab, CNN Week

Updated 07:18 AM January 21, 2024


The series of sports and action films We Will Die Warriors, returns to the artistic scene again with a new version, the same plot as the first part.

Young director Hassan Elamragy
 has finished filming the events of the action and movement film, the second part, We will die warriors, which revolves around everything related to the sport of kickboxing and its fighting methods.

The film stars a number of distinguished stars in martial arts and will be the first of its kind in the Arab world and will be in the Arabic language.

He added that the film will be shown next March 2024 on the Watch It platform and NBC 2

The film's events revolve around a child who is experiencing a period of depression due to the death of his father, feeling that society does not accept his circumstances and the constant negative comments. This is observed in some abnormal people.

This child had remarkable speed of movement and watched action movies and imitated the movements, which prompted him to go to a small club near him to learn from him the basics of the martial arts and kickboxing, leading his passion to become a professional in the sport of kickboxing. Then he became involved in illegal operations until he realized that he was in the wrong and decided to stay away. About this profession and interest in studying, but the gangs have another opinion.

A number of Western and Arab stars and a number of martial arts specialists participate in the film's starring role.

The young director Hassan Elamragy added that he is interested in this industry because it is very important on the artistic and sports levels because of the suspense, excitement and determination it brings, which is a favorite and motivating type for young people.

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