The importance of computers in our lives and its benefits

 By Jane English, CNN Week

Updated 02:44 AM December 30, 2023

Computer science or computer science is the study of processes that interact with data and which can be represented as data in the form of programs. It enables the use of algorithms to process, store and communicate digital information. A computer scientist studies the theory of computing and the practice of designing software systems.

Its fields can be divided into theoretical and practical disciplines. Computational complexity theory is highly abstract, while computer graphics emphasizes real-world applications. Programming language theory looks at approaches to describing mathematical operations, while computer programming itself involves the use of programming languages and complex systems. Human-computer interaction is one of the most significant challenges in making computers useful, usable, and accessible.

Computer science is precisely defined as a science that is concerned with the ability to apply knowledge resulting from computers and mathematics to all branches of knowledge, the ability to analyze any problem and determine the requirements for it using the computer to develop the appropriate solution, and the ability to design, implement and evaluate the computer-based system, processes and program to meet the needs. Required and facilitates the ability to work effectively in teams and groups to achieve a common goal.

Before the 1920s, the term computer referred to any human device that performed calculations. What issues or objects can a machine calculate by following a list of instructions with pen and paper, without time limit and without any skill or insight? One of the motivations for these studies was to develop computer calculators that could complete routine tasks that are subject to human error when performing human calculations.

During the 1940s, with the development of more powerful calculating machines, the term computer evolved to refer to machines rather than people doing the calculations. It became clear that computers could do more than just arithmetic operations, and so there was a move to study computing in general. Informatics and computer science began to gain independence as an independent academic discipline in the 1960s, with the creation of the first computer science departments in universities and universities began granting degrees in these sciences.

The earliest definition of computer science dates back to before the first digital computer, to calculate fixed numerical tasks such as the abacus, which has been around since ancient times to aid in arithmetic operations such as multiplication and division. After that, algorithms for performing arithmetic operations existed in ancient times and even before the development of complex computing equipment. In the ancient Sanskrit language, there is a manuscript called the String Rules, which is a book on algorithms written in the year 800 BC for building geometric objects such as altars using pegs and strings. It is considered the beginnings of the ancestors of the field of modern mathematical mathematical geometry.

Computer architecture, or digital computer organization, is the conceptual design and basic operational structure of a computer system. It focuses largely on the way the CPU works internally and accesses addresses in memory.

The computer has been able to invade the lives of individuals to a large extent, and it has become used in all areas of their lives. Based on this great position that it has enjoyed, manufacturers have taken care to produce many shapes and types of it in line with the user’s need, including mobile devices, office devices, and others. Whenever the device The more developed, the greater the benefits gained from it. It is worth noting that its use is widespread in homes, institutions, business, and education. It is also an integral part of the services, entertainment, and other sectors. However, in this article, the importance of the computer will be discussed closely and in depth.

What is the importance of computers in our lives

For financial transactions in banks, contracts and invoices for most companies and even individuals have become computerized, which has greatly reduced the margin of error and saved a lot of effort and time when wanting to receive or pay certain invoices or financial dues.
It also reduces time and effort in searching for and updating personal information in official departments and institutions that use an electronic copy of their records. It also greatly reduces the need for paper transactions and thus the authority of offices.
Computerization of health systems and hospitals in particular in some countries has greatly contributed to facilitating the sorting, classification, and prevention of loss of data on patients admitted to their centers, in addition to facilitating access to this data when needed. The use of computers in the health field has also helped diagnose diseases more quickly through computer-based examination tools (from echo to MRI, etc.).
The use of computers in the educational field has opened wide doors for students and even teachers to be creative. Whether through learning and using different software, or through facilitating access to various information and learning how to present different ideas through various presentation applications.
The existence of the Internet has enabled people to share their private information, facilitated communication and dealing with each other, regardless of distance, in various aspects of life (personal, study, work, etc.).
The use of computers has provided many job opportunities for many people, starting with a data entry job and ending with online marketing using various social media sites.
An important tool for science students in preparation, educational projects, and scientific research.
Perform complex calculations in record time and store them.
Commercial exchange in electronic transactions of buying and selling.
Communicating with others and exchanging information through social networking sites such as (Skype, Facebook, and Twitter).
The distance learning process and providing great opportunities for learning.
Medical fields: The computer works in the hospital management system, records, and patient data, the most important of which is in the intensive care unit.
Security areas where computers help the military determine locations and operate drones.
The entertainment field allows users to download songs, albums, series, movies and games.
Conduct and hold video conferences via applications.

Covers computer data and news-related service transactions between residents and non-residents. It includes: database development, such as online development, storage, and time series, data processing, hardware consulting, software implementation, and maintenance and repair of computers and peripherals.
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