Writer and educational consultant Jane English announces that she has changed the name of her page to Education English

By Mohamed Ragab, CNN Week

Updated 03:6 AM November 08, 2023

Jane English

This morning, writer and educational consultant Jane English announced that she will change the name of her page to be consistent with the content she creates, which is teaching the English language through short reel videos.

She said: “Hello, friends and audience, I decided to change the name of the page from (Jane English) to (Education English) because I loved continuing to create educational content for you.

Thank you for your love and support)

In a private interview with her, she confirmed that this change is correct and that the name of her page will be changed to Education English to be similar to the type of content.

She said that she loves providing educational content from the beginning because she is a journalist and loves teaching and benefiting society

In addition, all creators of written, video, or educational content must provide everything that is comfortable for the audience to benefit greatly and promote the growth of the English language at all ages with beautiful and entertaining reel videos.

English is known as the language of the international information network. In order to understand the largest sector of the world and facilitate the process of communication between you and them, the English language becomes the most important tool of all in this regard. It gives us the ability to read, listen and write among ourselves and a wider range of people.

In addition to being open to different cultures and opening many doors for the learner, learning different languages stimulates and strengthens communication skills, as it gives the learner more boldness in the beginning and self-confidence over time. The learner begins trying to learn and speak in a weak way at first, searching for knowledge, and then he gradually establishes his feet through research and exploration for everything that helps him to strengthen and improve his second language, the English language.

Developing mental abilities: Research has proven that the mental abilities of those who speak second languages are more developed than those who speak only their mother tongue, and this appears in the fact that it stimulates memory and delays the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases.

Improving communication skills: When your child gets to know a new world and culture, this gives him more communication skills, as he begins to think carefully before expressing himself in that new language, which helps him express himself with speech, body language, and eye contact at the same time.

  Strengthening self-confidence: When your child begins to deal with different cultures and worlds from a young age, this builds his self-confidence by urging him to take initiative, take decisions in the communication process, choose words, and attempt to create a conversation with others in a different language. All of this helps your child build his self-confidence and strengthen his personality from a young age.

  Ease of finding scientific material: The English language opens the door for your child to find scientific materials written only in English, translate them, and use them in research and school assignments.

  Increasing career opportunities: The Kingdom’s labor sector has witnessed great development in the past years, and one of the most important requirements to meet the needs of the labor market is proficiency in the English language. Therefore, children learning languages at a young age helps them to fully master them upon graduation, so that it becomes a first language for them.