Fathalla Market the food industry for years in Egypt and the Middle East

By Jane English, CNN Week

Updated 01:38 AM October 09, 2023

Fathallah Market is a group of Fathallah companies that began its commercial activity in 1948 AD under the name of Musaad Fathallah and Brothers Company for selling spices, grains, coffee, and tea wholesale in the Mansheya markets in Alexandria. Then the activity developed into wholesale sales nationwide, and the activity expanded to include canned goods and detergents. And foodstuffs of all kinds, and after that it began importing from abroad until it became one of the largest importers of perfumes and tea in the Republic, and also one of the largest importers, traders and distributors of food and canned goods in Egypt. In 1994, Khaled Fathallah and Hamdi Fathallah established the first supermarket to sell directly to the consumer at wholesale prices. Thus was the beginning by opening the first branch of Fathallah Jumla Market in San Stefano. The first supermarket to sell to the consumer at a wholesale price caused a stir in the world of direct sales to the consumer in terms of the diversity of products at the lowest prices and respect for the consumer. The series of openings continued until we reached 28 branches in Alexandria and the governorates. For further growth and development, Fathallah Gomla Market Company decided to transform into an Egyptian joint-stock company.

Fathallah Gomla Market Company decided to transform into an Egyptian joint stock company to move from the local scope to global horizons. Management was separated from ownership, and therefore a Chairman of the Board of Directors was appointed from outside the family, and the name of the company was shortened to become Gomla Market. This is the registered name of the joint stock company and therefore it was opened. The new branches are under the name Jomla Market.

Employing more than 50,000 employees, training them, and directly raising their professional and living standards.

The largest supermarket chain in Egypt with 500 branches nationwide in the governorates of Alexandria - Cairo - Dakahlia - Tanta - Mahalla El-Kubra - Damanhour - Marsa Matrouh - North Coast.... And soon other governorates.

It has the leadership in establishing a new system in the Republic, which is real selling to the consumer at a wholesale price, so our slogan was save the currency and buy in bulk. Developing foreign and internal trade, we always look forward to manufacturing and importing products of high quality and lowest prices to meet the needs of the Egyptian market and consumer. Locally, we began producing the ROZE GARDEN line for food, non-food, and personal care products, the ROSE line for household products, and electrical appliances, and the TREE line of ready-made clothing. These lines are being expanded globally, by exporting these products to some countries. We entered the Guinness Book of World Records with the largest display in the world (Tide Pyramid), which is the largest promotional display in the world with a size of 338 metres. It is a pyramid made of Tide bags that was created in the Rose Garden Mall (Amriya). Operating more than 1,200 suppliers from factories, farms, and merchants, thus creating jobs for more than one hundred thousand employees working for suppliers and merchants, and working to develop and train them. The number of varieties is more than 160,000, which creates opportunities for competition between suppliers to provide products of the highest quality and best prices. Opening new branches every year throughout the Republic, which helps create new jobs and development for the surrounding areas.