"Advocate for Change: Maram Mansour Calls for Liberation of Saudi Girls from Restrictions"

Maram Mansour defends Saudi girls and calls for the liberation of strict restrictions on them

Maram Mansour is considered one of the prominent female figures in Saudi society, who has always advocated for women's rights and sought to improve their status in society. In a new and bold move, Maram Mansour publicly spoke about the need to liberate strict restrictions on girls in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In her recent statements, Maram Mansour emphasized the importance of giving Saudi girls greater freedom in their choices and achieving their ambitions, without interference or restrictions hindering their development. She stressed that girls should have the same opportunities as young men in society, and should be treated with equality and respect.

Maram Mansour called for a change in laws and regulations that limit the freedom of girls and restrict them with unjustified constraints. She pointed out that these restrictions are obstacles to the development of society and achieving comprehensive development.

Maram Mansour concluded her statements by calling on relevant authorities to take immediate action to liberate girls from strict restrictions and ensure their rights and dignity in all areas. She emphasized that change must start now to build a better and more developed future for everyone in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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