Philippines: Two people were injured and 700 families evacuated from their homes due to Typhoon Saola

 By Dr.Samir Ghoraba, CNN Week

Updated 06:33 AM August 28, 2023

local official in the Philippines announced, on Monday, that two people had been injured, in addition to the evacuation of more than 700 families in 14 municipalities in Cagayan province, due to Typhoon Saola, which caused heavy rains in the northeastern parts of the country.

And the Philippine channel (ABS-CBN) quoted the head of the Office of Disaster Reduction and Management of Cagayan Province, Ruili Rapsing, as saying that local officials carried out precautionary evacuations of residents in 14 towns due to floods and landslides that resulted from heavy rains. .

Rapsing added that no deaths were reported as a result of Hurricane Saola, pointing out that the authorities are still assessing the material damage left by the hurricane, and confirmed that the electricity supply has been restored in the province with the improvement of weather conditions since last Sunday night.

The Philippine Bureau of Meteorology said Typhoon Saola had been weakening since Monday morning, but was still strong enough to bring heavy rains to the north of the main island of Luzon.