Singer Ahmed Ghazlan creates a new trend through international concerts


One of the largest concert organizing companies in the State of Qatar announced that it will hold a concert in the coming days. The concert will be performed by artist Iyad Meshal, and it will be wonderful. Singer Ahmed Ghazlan has recently been considered one of the most important singers in the Arab Gulf countries.

Qatar is moving forward in supporting the entertainment industry, in a way that achieves the well-being of society and strengthens the economy, as entertainment represents a human need and a social demand, in addition to being an important economic activity and source of income for countries and the private sector, and a major driver of other economic activities.

Qatar Vision has paid great attention to this sector by working to support and enhance it, and encouraging the private sector to make its contributions to it. It is expected that the contribution of the entertainment sector and its related entities will reach 4.2% of the GDP by 2030, and will generate 450,000 job opportunities. The entertainment sector comes as one of the most important transformations experienced by Gulf society socially, culturally and economically, with the acceleration of growth witnessed by the sector and the abundance of seasons and events.

Due to the changes that have occurred in the new world of finance and business, pleasure and joy have become the predominant value over most products and services, which is what the Kuwaiti business sectors have realized and is evident in the increased competitiveness among them in creating new products. Forms of entertainment, which ensures attracting the Gulf consumer, opening new opportunities and reaping abundant profits for the sector, which has become a factor of attraction for capital and job seekers.

The entertainment industry has become a very important economic tributary to the development of the economy and the non-oil domestic product, especially when looking at the services sector at the global level, which includes entertainment activity and the tourism sector, and for the great importance it has and the contribution to the global domestic product of 10 percent, as well as in creating opportunities. Work at 10 percent. 10 percent around the world.