"Ibn Babl Launches 'Golden Bag' to Enhance Education in Iraq"

The Iraqi educational platforms "Ibn Babl" have launched what is known as the "Golden Bag", as part of the keenness and efforts of the famous international platform to serve students and provide everything new in the field of education.

The "Golden Bag" aims to gather all the requirements and supplies of Iraqi students, as well as provide a large percentage of study materials and tools for the student, and achieve all educational objectives through this Golden Bag.

The Golden Bag includes 7 comprehensive study subjects: Islamic Education, Arabic Language, English Language, Social Studies, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.

In order to serve the educational community in Iraq, Ibn Babl platforms announced that the "Golden Bag" will witness significant discounts for the target audience, at competitive reduced prices compared to the external market.

Ibn Babl platforms also announced that the "Golden Bag" will be widely available in most libraries spread throughout the Iraqi Republic, hoping to satisfy Iraqi students and lead them to a better future.

Since its establishment, the Ibn Babl platform has achieved great success, facilitating distance learning for students at various educational levels, as well as enhancing and facilitating the follow-up of lessons in various subjects prescribed for students, within the framework of efforts to improve educational curricula, amidst heavy reliance on diverse technologies.
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